Vine Silhouette. Pair of aquatint etching with piece of vine used to make printed image. 21”x 9”, two prints. 2015.

Tracings. Matboard and Artist Tape with Wire Nails. 8’ x 2’. 2016

Alabaster Silhouette. Photolithographs made from photograms of thinly carved alabaster, printed with white ink on black paper with alabaster dust from original stone carving then applied to wet ink. 28” x 40”. 2015

Birds of New York City. Watercolor on four layers of glass panels, Ash box. 16 ¾”x 12 ¾”x 4 ¾”. 2014.

Barcelona Slide Collection. Watercolor on glass presented on farbic travel sleeves with photographs of slides at location that were painted . 14” x 27” (4” x 6” photos). 2014.

Sticks and Metal. Found metal scraps (wire, springs, rusted fragments) and their natural counterparts (sticks woodchips, roots and vines). 20’ x 3’. 2013.

Sticks and Metal.
Detail (zoomable).